Q.What is an Adrian Steel Upfit Rewards Prepaid Card?

A.A prepaid reward card which can have varying amounts of funds deposited on it for your use. This is NOT a credit card. You may access funds with the Card up to the available balance for purchases and cash withdrawals from ATM machines bearing one of the brands on the Card. We recommend verifying your available balance via web here or the toll free number on your Card back before using the Card.

Q.When will I receive my Adrian Steel Upfit Rewards Prepaid Card?

A.Approximately 10 business days after your first claims has been marked “Paid.”

Q.Is my card Reloadable even though there is an amount printed on it?

A.Yes, every card is reloadable so make sure you keep them. They must print the amount to ensure that they are the only ones able to load money onto it.

Q.How do I earn rewards on my Card?

A.You earn funds based on selling Adrian Steel Material. Check this website often to take advantage of all Adrian Steel earning opportunities.

Q.How do I use my Card to make purchases?

A.Give your Card to the cashier to process as they would a credit card or swipe your Card and enter your PIN if prompted to do so.

Q.Can I use my Card to withdraw cash from ATMs?

A.Yes, but there are fees as listed here. Additional fees may also be charged by the owner of the ATM machine. These fees will be disclosed to you before you complete your transaction and you will have the opportunity to cancel before completing the transaction.

Q.Where can I use my Card?

A.After your Card has been loaded with rewards, you may use your Adrian Steel Upfit Rewards Prepaid instead of cash at millions of merchant locations worldwide. There are no additional fees when using your Card to make purchases. You may also use your Card to withdraw cash from ATM machines bearing one of the brands on the Card.

Q.What if the purchase amount is greater than my Card balance?

A.Most merchants can process a "split transaction." You'll need to know your Card balance and pay the difference with another method first. The cashier can then process the balance on your Card. Please note: if the purchase is more than what is available on the card, the card may get declined.

Q.Can I purchase gas with this Card?

A.You can purchase gas, but you will not be able to pay at the pump. You will need to go inside to pay.

Q.Can I use this Card at restaurants?

A.You can use your Card at restaurants, but they often submit the transaction authorization for the amount of your bill plus 15% to 20% or more for gratuity. Either make sure you have enough to cover the gratuity or tell them how much to authorize on your Card and make other arrangements for the balance and/or tip.

Q.Will I need a PIN number to use this Card for purchases?

A.Depending on the merchant's authorization terminal, you may or may not be prompted to enter a PIN when making a purchase. If prompted to do so, enter the last four digits of your card number. If you are still having trouble you can call 1-866-230-3809 and select option 5 or visit www.prepaidcardstatus.com

Q.Do you have any tips on protecting my Card?

A. Yes, the following will help protect your Card:

  • Ensure that your Card is signed on the signature panel as soon as you receive it.
  • Protect your Cards as if they were cash. Do not leave them unattended anywhere, such as in a car, bar, nightclub or on the beach.
  • Ensure that you get your Card back after every purchase. If at all possible, do not let your Card out of your sight.
  • Always check sales vouchers including purchase amount when you sign them - keep copies of sales vouchers.
  • Never give your Card number over the phone, unless you are dealing with a reputable company or you have initiated the call yourself. Ask for information in writing from the company making the offer.
  • Always check your billing statement, especially after a trip. Check the amounts of your purchases against your sales vouchers and receipts - specifically look for transactions which are not yours.
  • Make a record of your Card numbers and telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen Cards. Keep that list in a safe place.
  • Be careful when giving out your Card number over the telephone. If you feel pressured by a telemarketing salesperson, be suspicious. Never give out your Card number unless you've decided to make a purchase.
  • Know who has access to your Cards. If your Card is borrowed by a family member (spouse, child, parent), with or without your knowledge, you may be responsible for their purchase/cash withdrawal.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone. No one from a financial institution, the police, or a merchant should ask for your PIN. You are the only person who should know it.